Surrogate Costs in Texas

If you are considering becoming intended parents, or are interested in becoming a surrogate mother to help those who cannot have children of their own, Simple Surrogacy of Dallas, Texas can help! For a myriad of reasons, our Texas location means that we can charge intended parents less than other surrogacy agencies in other states. Surrogate mothers who work with us also find that the compensation for surrogacy in Texas is quite favorable compared to what they might earn in other surrogacy agencies nationwide.

For Intended Parents, Agency Fees Are Lower in Texas

One of the most attractive reasons for intended parents to work with a surrogacy agency in Texas, such as Simple Surrogacy, is that our agency’s fees are lower than those of other surrogacy agencies in other states. Texas has no state income tax, which automatically lowers our agency’s fees by 10 percent. Additionally, the cost of living is much less in cities like Dallas, San Antonio, Lubbock and Houston, Texas are less than in other states, meaning that our agency’s overhead and expenses are less than those of surrogacy agencies operating within other states. We are able to pass our Texas advantages, in the form of savings, on to our intended parents!

Texas’ Central Location Benefits Intended Parents and Surrogates

Another reason both intended parents and prospective surrogate mothers have to work with Simple Surrogacy is our central location in Texas, between the East and West coasts. We are near one of the country’s largest international airports, Dallas-Ft. Worth, enabling intended parents and surrogate mothers from all over the country and, indeed, the world, to easily be able to reach us. We are also operating in the Central time zone, making it much easier and more efficient for us to communicate with intended parents and surrogate mothers from either the East coast, West coast or in other countries.

Texas’ Favorable Surrogacy Laws Benefit Both Intended Parents and Surrogates

Texas is what is known as a “surrogacy-friendly” state, in which the rights of both the intended parents and surrogate mothers are protected. This means that, with a surrogate pregnancy in Texas, there will be less hassle for both sides, translating into fewer legal expenses and less chance of costly, drawn-out court and/or legal proceedings. Unlike many other states where surrogacy is practiced by just case-law (rulings by judges) Texas has court-validated statutes. What that means for Intended Parents and Surrogates is that there is no interpretation by a judge of what the previous rulings mean – there is an easy, simplified law for all parties to follow. This results in easy, straightforward legal processes and protection for all parties.

Surrogacy Costs to Intended Parents in Texas

When intended parents examine the prospective costs involved in the surrogacy process, they can feel daunted and overwhelmed. When they compare the costs of Texas surrogacy agencies, such as Simple Surrogacy, to those of agencies in other states, however, they will see a clear savings represented. Intended parents in Texas can expect to pay an average of $115,000 to $135,000 throughout the surrogacy process, a cost that is far less than that of other states.

An example of the breakdown of surrogacy costs for intended parents in Texas, taken from Simple Surrogacy’s website, includes (but is not limited to):

  • Agency fees of $24,250 (this covers psychological assessments for both sides, background and criminal checks for both sides, finding the surrogate mother, matching of the surrogate mother and intended parents, review of the surrogate mother’s health insurance, organizing medical procedures and screenings, organizing travel, referral to attorneys, managing escrow distributions, coordinating birth arrangements, coordinating after-birth DNA testing as needed, assistance in obtaining birth certificates, counseling, and case management. This agency fee does not include any legal fees).
  • Legal contracts’ fee of $3000 (includes drafting and review of contracts for intended parents and surrogate mothers, when at least one party lives in Texas and uses associated attorneys).
  • Egg donor fees of $5750 (includes matching of intended parents to egg donor, screening of egg donor, drafting and review of egg donor contract, organizing travel arrangements, and management of escrow account. We discount this fee by $1,000 for current surrogacy clients. Does not include legal fees, which can be an additional $1,000).
  • Surrogate mothers’ screening and medical fees that are not included in agency fees, and we estimate those fees, which are paid to your clinic and should be verified for them, as follows:
    • Blood screening panel for surrogate and surrogate’s partner- $600 to $1200
    • Medical assessment of surrogate mother – $800 to $1500
    • Fresh or frozen IVF cycle fee and medications – $15,000 to $35,000
    • Medications for surrogate and egg donor – $800 to $6000
    • Delivery fees – covered by U.S. insurance; however, intended parents may have to pay deductible up to $7500 and co-insurance up to $8000
  • Insurance fees of surrogate that are not covered in agency fees but intended parents must pay, such as:
    • Medical insurance for surrogate – $250 to $800/month if surrogate does not have insurance covering the surrogacy, she will reduce her compensation by $5,000 to help offset.
    • Life insurance for surrogate- $250 to $450/year
    • Disability insurance for surrogate (in case of bed rest, etc.)- $800 to $1200 per policy
    • New baby’s health insurance, taking effect at birth – cost varies

Surrogacy Compensation for Surrogate Mothers in Texas

Likewise, surrogate mothers in Texas find that the compensation they can expect to receive for their services is much more favorable than that of other states. A surrogate mother in San Antonio, Dallas or Houston, Texas can expect to earn between $40,000 and $50,000 depending upon how many times they have successfully been a surrogate. Additionally, surrogate mothers in Texas will receive money for monthly expenses, averaging $500 per month. Simple Surrogacy lists average compensation for other expenses that surrogate mothers might face on its website.

An example of the breakdown of some of the payment for surrogate mothers in Texas, if they choose to work with Simple Surrogacy, includes (but is not limited to):

  • Gestational surrogate base compensation (from confirmation of pregnancy through birth) – $35,000 in Texas if surrogate mother has no insurance; $40,000 in Texas with insurance
  • Monthly allowance – covers less than 100 miles of mileage round trip, day care for local appointments, phone calls, faxes, postage, prenatal vitamins, pregnancy testing – $200 per month
  • Allowance for maternity clothes – $800 ($1,000 twins)
  • Fee for transfer of embryo – $750
  • Surrogate’s attorney review of Pre-Birth order documents – $500
  • Fees for invasive procedures (if necessary)- $500

Other possible fees that surrogate mothers may be reimbursed for, paid from the intended parents’ pockets, include:

  • Lost wages – if surrogate mother cannot work – depending upon surrogate’s average hourly wage
  • Lost wages for spouse of surrogate – up to $3000 depending upon spouse’s average hourly wage
  • Meal allowance – if surrogate must travel for more than a half day – $50/day for surrogate, $25/day for travel companion
  • Travel expenses- to be determined
  • Local travel- $0.585/mile (or whatever correlates to current IRS guidelines)
  • Compensation for bed rest – $300 per week, up to $6000 max
  • Twins housekeeping allowance – $75/week or $300/month if carrying twins
  • Child care, if surrogate needs it in order to fulfill her contract – $200 to $600/week
  • Multiples fee –paid to surrogate mother for all children she is carrying beyond one – $8000 per child, usually paid after third month of pregnancy in installments
  • C-section- compensation for any additional pain, suffering and risks if necessary – $2500 for first C-section; $1500 for each subsequent C-section

For more information on becoming a surrogate mother in Texas, or if you wish to become an intended parent in Texas, contact Simple Surrogacy today!

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